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  • 2020
  • November



    Glasgow (Scotland - UK)
    Goethe Institute 
    Beethoven* - Liszt - Ravel 
    *Beethoven 250th Anniversary

    Canceled due to Coronavirus COVID-19 and postpone for 2021
  • November



    BBC National Orchestra of Wales (UK)
    Franz Schmitt : Konzertante Variationen uber ein Thema von Beethoven* (for left hand)
    Conductor : Jonathan Berman
    *Beethoven 250th Anniversary

    Canceled until further notice due to Coronavirus COVID-19
  • October 31st

    October 31st


    Wuppertal (Germany)
    Kulturzentrum Immanuel
    Beethoven - Liszt - Ravel
  • October 28th

    October 28th

    CD Review 

    MusicWeb International (UK)
    LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set
    Stephen Greenbank

    "Larderet surfs the drama with passion and intensity, investing the piece with subtle poetic insights in the more lyrical sections."
  • October



    Klassieke Zaken Magazine N°5 - Oct. 2020 (The Netherlands)
    1st review of the LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set

    "Vincent Larderet proves to be a true Master"
  • october 1st

    october 1st

    International Official Release

    Between Light & Darkness Liszt 2 CD-Set
    PIANO Classics Label (Brilliant Classics worldwide distribution)
  • September 25th

    September 25th

    International official release on platfmors 

    The new LISZT 2CD Set Between Light & Darkness available on the famous download and streaming platforms as Google Play, amazon music, deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, qobuz etc. 
    Click on the link to choose your platform for listening.
  • September 20th

    September 20th

    Radio broadcast 

    France Musique (France)
    The SCHMITT CD is broadcasted during the Arabesques program devoted to the composer
  • August (date TBA)

    August (date TBA)


    Sand & Chopin en Seyne international festival (France)
    Liszt - Chopin

    Canceled due to Coronavirus COVID-19 and postpone for 2021
  • June 21st

    June 21st


    Hong Kong (HK)

    Canceled until further notice due to Coronavirus COVID-19
  • June 20th

    June 20th


    Hong Kong (HK)
    Cultural Centre Concert Hall
    Beethoven - Liszt - Ravel

    Canceled until further notice due to Coronavirus COVID-19
  • june



    Spring Newsletter online : click on the link to read it and subscribe
  • May


    Press Release

    LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2CD-Set 
    For press, reviews & journalists (ENG version)
    ©Mary McNeill - Resonance 
  • April 4th & 5th


    Madrid (Spain)
    Western European Chamber Orchestra
    Beethoven : Concerto n°4 (Beethoven 250th Anniversary)
    Vincent Larderet, conductor & soloist

    Canceled until further notice due to Coronavirus COVID-19
  • February 12nd & 13rd

    February 12nd & 13rd

    Video production

    London (UK)
    Steinway Hall
    Interview - Documentary for the promotion of the new Liszt 2 CD-Set
  • January to March

    New Projects 

    => Working on new repertoire
    => Post-production of the Liszt 2 CD-Set
    => Marketing plan for the release in September 2020 by PIANO Classics of the new Liszt 2 CD-Set
    => Writting a Ravel Essay
  • 2019
  • December 7th

    Chamber music concert

    Enghien-les-Bains (France)
    Duo with Pavel Sporcl (violin)
  • November


    New Management

    A new collaboration with the prestigious Agency "AIMARTISTS" based in Austria & Germany.
    Representation for Austria - Germany - Switzerland & Eastern Europe.
  • November 28th

    November 28th

    Radio broadcast 

    MDR Kultur (Germany)
    Das ARD Nachtkonzert (III)
  • November 25th

    November 25th

    Radio broadcast 

    Radio UNAM (Mexico)
    SCHMITT : 2 Mirages op.64

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