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  • 2018
  • N.B.

    This list is not exhaustive and includes only major performances & news highlights.
  • December (TBA)

    December (TBA)


    Ose Symphonic Orchestra (France)
    Franck Symphonic Variations & Ravel Concerto in G
    Conductor : Daniel Kawka
  • December (TBA)

    December (TBA)

    China Classical Music Festival & Competition

    Beijing (China)
    Organized by Beijing Hong Kong Music & Performing Management
    Artistic Director & Jury Chairman of the competition : Vincent Larderet

  • November (TBA)

    November (TBA)

    "Piano au Musée Würth" international Festival

    Erstein (France)
    Under the Artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet
  • October 15th to 28th

    October 15th to 28th

    Tour in Japan

    Recitals & Masterclasses
    Halls & Cities TBA
    Organized by Pro Arte Musicae
  • September (TBA)

    September (TBA)


    Kraków Philharmonic Orchestra (Poland) 
    Ravel Concerto for the left hand
  • July 24th

    July 24th


    Festival Internacional de Música da Póvoa de Varzim (Portugal)
    Liszt - Chopin - Franck - Debussy - Ravel
  • July 5th

    July 5th


    L'Estival de la Bâtie (France)
    Ravel Concerto in G
    Ose Symphonic Orchestra
    Conductor : Daniel Kawka
  • July 4th

    July 4th


    Lyon (France)
    Ravel Concerto in G
    Ose Symphonic Orchestra
    Conductor : Daniel Kawka
  • June 16th

    June 16th

    Chamber music concert

    Nohant Festival Chopin (France)
    Trio with Nicolas Dautricourt (violin) & Marc Coppey (cello)
    Rachmaninoff - Debussy - Schubert - Chopin - Paganini - Scriabin - Brahms
  • June 8th

    June 8th


    Woerthersee Classics Festival (Austria)
    Mozart Saal, Konzerthaus
    Liszt - Franck - Berg - Debussy - Ravel
  • June 3rd

    June 3rd


    Hong Kong Music & Performing School (HK)
  • June 2nd

    June 2nd

    Chamber music concert

    Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall (HK)
    "Le French May" Arts Festival
    Trio with Yi-Bing Chu & Nicolas Koeckert 
    Rachmaninov - Ravel - Brahms
  • June 1st

    June 1st


    Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall (HK)
    "Le French May" Arts Festival
    Liszt - Scriabin - Chopin - Franck - Debussy - Ravel
  • May / June

    May / June

    CD review

    Fanfare Magazine (USA) N°41:5 - May-June 2018 
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD

    Myron Silberstein
    " This is a stunningly played recital of two of Debussy’s most familiar cycles and a world premiere of pianist Vincent Larderet’s expansion of André Caplet’s piano reduction of Debussy’s incidental music to Grabriele D’Annunzio’s Le Martyre de saint Sébastien. Reviews in these pages of Larderet’s previous work have been unanimously positive. Peter Burwasser recently (40:4) grouped him with Pollini, Brendel, and Badura-Skoda as 'masterful technicians and intellectual[s].' John Bell Young wrote (39:3) that Larderet 'has blossomed into a great pianist indeed.' And Colin Clarke (35:5) described his playing as 'gripping and multitimbred.' I will add that it is full of vivid colors, subtle rubato, and an equal affinity for the contemplative and the virtuosic aspects of Debussy’s writing."
  • May 17th

    May 17th


    Sanremo Symphonic Orchestra (Italy)
    Franck Symphonic Variations
    Conductor : Grigor Palikarov
  • May 15th

    May 15th


    Sanremo Symphonic Orchestra (Italy)
    Franck Symphonic Variations
    Conductor : Grigor Palikarov
  • April / May

    April / May

    CD Review

    Crescendo Magazin (Germany) 
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD
    3 Debussy selected recordings

    « Lyrisch tönt die Interpretation von Vincent Larderet, der neben dem zweiten Buch der Préludes und den Images auch die Ersteinspielung einer Transkription der sinfonischen Fragmente von Le Martyre de saint Sébastien vorlegt. Hier schlagen zwei französische Seelen im Einklang. »
  • April 14th to 20th

    April 14th to 20th

    Tour in China

    Recital & Masterclasses 
    In collaboration with BHKMPM
  • April 10th

    April 10th

    CD review

    ARTAMAG' (France)
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD
    Jean-Charles Hoffelé

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