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  • 2016
  • December 2016 / January 2017

    December 2016 / January 2017

    Award : Classica 4 stars

    Classica (France)
    N° 188 - Dec 2016 / Jan 2017 issue
    review by Jérémie Bigorie

    The ARS Brahms - Berg SACD-CD wins 4 stars
    "A recording that imposes itself by its height of view."
  • December, 22th

    December, 22th

    Podcast Interview

    agenda (France)
    Frédéric Hutman
  • December, 18th

    December, 18th


    Klassik Heute (Germany)
    by Peter Cossé

    The Brahms - Berg ARS SACD-CD wins 9/10 rating on all categories 
  • December,  17th

    December, 17th

    Radio review and CD broadcast

    Portraits de famille broadcasted on France Musique
    Brahms - Berg ARS SACD-CD

    Presented by Philippe Cassard
  • December, 11th

    December, 11th


    CD Classico (Italy) 
    Andrea Bedetti

    Brahms-Berg ARS SACD-CD
  • december



    Neue Musikzeitung (Germany)
    Christoph Schlüren

    Brahms-Berg ARS SACD-CD
    "Eine charaktervolle CD mit Brahms (3. Sonate, Intermezzi op. 117) und Alban Bergs Sonate hat der begabte Franzose Vincent Larderet vorgelegt – zutiefst ernsthaft und strukturell klar (Ars Produktion)."
  • December



    CHOPIN Magazine (N° 395) & ONGAKU NO TOMO (N°12) in Japan
    December 2016 issue

    About the 2016 Japan tour and World Premiere for the new Brahms - Berg ARS SACD-CD release
  • November, 26th

    November, 26th


    RONDO Magazin (Germany) 
    By Michael Wersin

    Brahms - Berg ARS SACD-CD
  • November, 22th

    November, 22th


    ARTAMAG' (France)
    By Jean-Charles Hoffelé

    Brahms - Berg ARS SACD-CD
  • November, 17th

    November, 17th

    ICMA 2017 Nomination

    The ARS Brahms - Berg SACD-CD is nominated for the prestigious "International Classical Music Awards" 2017 in the "solo instrument" category :
    only 30 recordings have been selected worldwide in this category
  • October, 28th to November, 6th

    October, 28th to November, 6th

    Recitals, chamber music, young talents and Masterclasses

    « Piano au Musée Würth » Festival

    Under the Artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet
  • October, 28th and 29th

    October, 28th and 29th

    Inaugural Recital & Masterclass

    « Piano au Musée Würth » Festival
    Under the Artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet

    Take a look at the 2016 program!
  • October, 26th

    October, 26th

    Radio announcement & CD broadcast

    La matinale broadcasted on France Musique
    Annoucement of the "Piano au Musée Würth" Festival & Ravel / Schmitt Concertos CD broadcast
    => available for replay from 54 : 00 to 56 : 50

    Presented by Saskia De Ville
  • October, 25th

    October, 25th

    Radio review

    Carrefour de Lodéon broadcasted on France Musique 
    ARS Brahms - Berg SACD-CD & "Piano au Musée Würth" Festival
    => available for replay since 57 : 50 to 1h 32 : 45

    Presented by Frédéric Lodéon
  • October, 19th

    October, 19th

    Award : Pizzicato 5

    Pizzicato magazine (Luxembourg)
    By Rémy Franck

    The ARS Produktion Brahms-Berg SACD-CD wins Pizzicato 5
    "Spannende Interpretationen mit Vincent Larderet"
    "Vincent Larderet offers fine and well-thought performances of the works by Brahms and Berg."
  • October, 18th

    October, 18th

    CD Radio review

    France Musique
    ARS Brahms-Berg SACD-CD broadcasted for En pistes !
    => available for replay @ 46 mn

    Presented by Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier & Émilie Munera
  • October, 11th to 21st

    October, 11th to 21st

    Tour in Japan

    - Recitals for the « Fantastic Pianist Series » : World Premiere for the new Brahms - Berg ARS SACD-CD release
    - Masterclasses in Tokyo & Nagoya
  • October



    La lettre du musicien (France)
    N° 483 - October 2016
  • October



    MusicWeb International (UK)
    By Stephen Greenbank

    ARS Produktion Brahms-Berg SACD-CD
  • October


    New CD release

    International official release of the Brahms - Berg ARS SACD-CD

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