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  • 2019
  • March 12th

    March 12th

    Radio broadcast

    Radio UNAM (Mexico)
    Florent Schmitt : La Tragédie de Salomé op.50 bis 
  • 2018
  • December


    CD Review 

    MusicWeb International (UK)
    Florent SCHMITT - NAXOS CD
    3 selected CDs for a focus on the composer by Rob Barnett 

    "Larderet, who has a reputation for his Ravel, has said of Salomé that it is 'one of the most difficult piano works I have ever performed — on par with Beethoven’s Hammerklavier Sonata and Ravel’s Gaspard de la nuit'. The latter was said to have been in the mix when Schmitt wrote his Ombres. The disc’s notes remind us that Stravinsky, the score’s dedicatee, wrote to Schmitt in 1912 saying of Salomé 'Dear God it’s beautiful! It’s one of the greatest masterpieces in modern music' ".
  • October 23rd

    October 23rd


    iketakuhonpo (Japan)
    Released by Mr. Takuo Ikeda
  • July / August

    July / August

    CD review

    Clavier Companion Magazine (USA) - July / August 2018 issue
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD

    "Larderet delivers a personal and well-crafted performance of Images Book I, choosing unusual voicings which produce admirable clarity from start to finish. Further in his performances of the second Book of Préludes, he shares unique interpretative ideas, sculpting every texture and layer as if painting a picture and telling a story with his sound. [...] Where this disc truly shines, however, is in Larderet arrangement of the Caplet transcription of Debussy Symphonic Fragments of Le Martyre de saint Sébastien. [...] On this disc, one hears two masters at work : Debussy for harmony and style, and Larderet for flair and appeal."
  • May / June

    May / June

    CD review

    Fanfare Magazine (USA) N°41:5 - May-June 2018 
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD

    Myron Silberstein
    " This is a stunningly played recital of two of Debussy’s most familiar cycles and a world premiere of pianist Vincent Larderet’s expansion of André Caplet’s piano reduction of Debussy’s incidental music to Grabriele D’Annunzio’s Le Martyre de saint Sébastien. Reviews in these pages of Larderet’s previous work have been unanimously positive. Peter Burwasser recently (40:4) grouped him with Pollini, Brendel, and Badura-Skoda as 'masterful technicians and intellectual[s].' John Bell Young wrote (39:3) that Larderet 'has blossomed into a great pianist indeed.' And Colin Clarke (35:5) described his playing as 'gripping and multitimbred.' I will add that it is full of vivid colors, subtle rubato, and an equal affinity for the contemplative and the virtuosic aspects of Debussy’s writing."
  • May 11th

    May 11th

    CD Review

    La Provence (France)
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD
    Jean-Rémi Barland
  • May


    CD review

    The Record Geijutsu (Japan) - May 2018 issue 
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD 

    "It can be said that it is a wonderful performance combining playfulness and polished poetry."
  • April / May

    April / May

    CD Review

    Crescendo Magazin (Germany) 
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD
    3 Debussy selected recordings

    « Lyrisch tönt die Interpretation von Vincent Larderet, der neben dem zweiten Buch der Préludes und den Images auch die Ersteinspielung einer Transkription der sinfonischen Fragmente von Le Martyre de saint Sébastien vorlegt. Hier schlagen zwei französische Seelen im Einklang. »
  • April 10th

    April 10th

    CD review

    ARTAMAG' (France)
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD
    Jean-Charles Hoffelé
  • April


    CD review

    Fono Forum n° 4 - 2018 (Germany)
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD
    Linien und Farben

    Gregor Willmes
    "Klarheit schafft Debussy hier immer wieder dadurch, dass er einzelne Stimmen in einem dritten System notiert. Die Gegenüberstellung von Einzelstimmen und Akkorden, die höchst differenzierte Dynamik und das parallele Spiel der Farben erfordern vom Interpreten ein Höchstmaß auch in den Bereichen der Agogik und der Pedalisierung. Larderet besitz in dieser Hinsicht Großen Feinsinn."
  • March 31st

    March 31st

    CD review

    culturebox (France)
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD
    Bertrand Renard
  • March 19th

    March 19th

    Radio review

    Radio Klassik Stephansdom (Austria)
    Rubato program
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD
  • March 3rd

    March 3rd

    Radio review

    France Musique 
    Portraits de famille
    The Debussy Centenary SACD is among the "favorites" of Philippe Cassard
  • February 23rd

    February 23rd

    Radio review

    Radio 100,7 (Luxembourg)
    CD-Klassik program
    The Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD is "CD-Tipp" of Remy Franck 
  • February 18th

    February 18th

    Radio broadcast

    NRK Radio (Norway)
    Vincent Larderet spiller Debussy
  • January / February

    January / February

    Concert & festival review 

    PIANO News Magazin (Germany)
    5 pages on the "Piano au Musée Würth" international festival under the Artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet
    N° 01/2018 - Jan/Feb issue

    Carsten Dürer 
  • January 31st

    January 31st

    Radio broadcast

    Radio SRF 2 Kultur (Switzerland)
    Vincent Larderet spielt Ravel
    Ravel : Concerto for the left hand
  • January 25th

    January 25th

    Radio review

    France Musique
    En pistes
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD

    Presented by Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier & Émilie Munera
  • January 22th

    January 22th

    Radio broadcast

    BR klassik (Germany)
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD
    Panorama at 14 : 05
  • January 4th

    January 4th

    CD Review

    MusicWeb International (UK)
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD
    Stephen Greenbank

    "The Préludes Book II owe their success here to the pianist’s sensitivity, refinement, wide-ranging tonal shadings and carefully graded dynamics. [Vincent Larderet] truly gets to the heart of these exotic and evocative pieces."

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