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  • 2022
  • October


    BREAKING NEWS : Magazine Cover

    Vincent Larderet on the cover of the prestigious International Piano Magazine (UK)
    October 2022 issue (publishing release : September 28th)
    Extensive interview by Michael Church
  • September 2nd & 16th

    September 2nd & 16th

    2 pre-release singles

    Singles from the Scriabin album
    (full release by AVIE Records the September 30th)
    On digital download/streaming platforms
  • September


    Video Interview 

    Video interview with International Piano Magazine Editor Owen Mortimer (UK) -
    Embedded on International Piano website
  • April


    Video release 

    Interview & performance + trailer for the promotion of the Scriabin album
    In partnershipp with International Piano Magazine website
  • January 20th

    January 20th


    Adevarul (Romania)
    "The famous French pianist Vincent Larderet, on the poster of the 'George Enescu' Philharmonic"
  • 2021
  • May



    International Piano Magazine (UK)
    May / June 2021 issue
    "One To Watch" 2 pages ITW-article by Michael Johnson
  • April


    CD Review 

    Neue Musikzeitung (Germany)
    LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set
    Christoph Schlüren

    “He turns out to be one of the best pianists of our time.”
  • March


    CD review 

    PIANO News (Germany) 
    N°2 - 2021 (March / April) : 
    LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set
    6/6 highest rating for interpretation
    Bernd Wladika

    "The special thing is that for him there is not only black and white, but an almost unlimited abundance of gray tones. With such pianistic skills, it seems almost superfluous to refer to Larderet's masterly mastery of virtuosity. A recording that sets standards. Bravo!"
  • March


    CD Review

    Fanfare Magazine (USA)
    N° 44:4 (Mar/Apr 2021 issue) 
    LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set
    Gary Lemco

    "This broad but through-composed piece allows Larderet to display bravura technique and a real panoply of keyboard color, chromatic, in cascades of broken octaves or plummeting and rising scales." 
  • February 19th

    February 19th

    Radio broadcast

    France Musique 
    En pistes by Emilie Munera & Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier
    LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set
    Available for Replay starting 1h 6min
  • january 31st

    january 31st


    Facts & Arts (UK)
    "Arresting freshness brings Liszt back to life"
    Michael Johnson
  • january 27th

    january 27th

    CD Review

    Télérama 3 f Award & review (France) N°3707
    LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set
    Sophie Bourdais
  • January 26th

    January 26th

    CD Review 

    ARTAMAG' (France)
    LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set 
    Jean-Charles Hoffelé
  • 16 janvier

    16 janvier


    Planet Hugill (UK - London) - referenced in the 'Top 50 Classical Music Blogs'
    Extensive edifying Interview

    "The performer is a mirror who should serve the text and the composer: French pianist Vincent Larderet discusses his approach in the light of his recent Liszt recital Between Light & Darkness"
  • January 11th

    January 11th


    La Provence (France)
    "Vincent Larderet : Liszt au cœur"
    Jean-Rémi Barland
  • January 5th

    January 5th

    Radio Interview 

    RTS Espace 2 (Switzerland)
    Julian Sykes
    Available for Replay starting 1h19min
  • January


    CD review

    The Record Geijutsu (Japan)
    LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set
    Ryuichi Shibata

    "He is a pianist with an obsessive sense of aesthetics, and his performances bring to the fore his own maniacal orientation to expression."
  • January


    CD review

    International Piano Magazine (UK) - January / February 2021 issue
    LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set

    “Larderet impressed with his previous release […], but this recital takes things to the next level. His melding of the intellectual with the visceral is rare.”
  • 2020
  • December 5th

    December 5th

    Radio review

    France Musique 
    Philippe Cassard Portraits de famille
    The Liszt 2 CD Set is among the "favourites" recordings
  • November 18th

    November 18th

    CD Review 

    Musical Life Magazine (Russia - ICMA Member)
    LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set
    Maria Zalesskaya

    “[…] Vincent Larderet is considered to be one of the most eminent pianists of our time. The very concept of the program from the works of Franz Liszt convinces us that Larderet […] is a deep thinker and philosopher.” 

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