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  • 2022
  • November 9th

    November 9th

    Album Review

    Audiophile Audition (USA)
    4 stars
    The Scriabin Mystery
    Gary Lemco
  • November 5th

    November 5th


    Wuppertal (Germany)
  • October 29th

    October 29th

    Album review

    EarRelevant (Atlanta - USA)
    The Scriabin Mystery
    Giorgio Koukl

    "Larderet plays with sensitivity and breathtaking technique"
  • October 8th

    October 8th

    Album review

    RONDO Magazin (Germany)
    "CD zum Sonntag" Recommendation
    The Scriabin Mystery
  • October 6th

    October 6th

    Radio review

    WFMT Radio (Chicago - USA)
    New releases with Lisa Flynn
    The Scriabin Mystery album
  • October


    BREAKING NEWS : Magazine Cover

    Vincent Larderet on the cover of the prestigious International Piano Magazine (UK)
    October 2022 issue (publishing release : September 28th)
    Extensive interview by Michael Church
  • September 23rd

    September 23rd

    Video Interview 

    With International Piano Magazine Editor-in-Chief Owen Mortimer (UK) -
    Embedded on International Piano website
  • September 23rd

    September 23rd

    International release

    The Scriabin Mystery album
    Dedicated to the 150th Anniversary of the composer's birth
    AVIE Records (UK)
  • September 21st

    September 21st

    Radio broadcast 

    BBC Radio 3 (UK)
    Essential Classics
    The Scriabin Mystery album (starts at 1H 39min 25s)
  • August 26th & September 9th

    August 26th & September 9th

    2 pre-release singles

    Singles from The Scriabin Mystery album
    On digital download/streaming platforms
  • July 16th


    Krakow (Poland)
    Szymanowski - Chopin - Scriabin
  • July 7th

    July 7th

    Video release 

    Trailer for The Scriabin Mystery album
    released by AVIE Records in September 2022
  • April 16th

    April 16th


    Paris (France)
    Salle Cortot
    Liszt - Franck - Ravel - Scriabin
  • April


    Video release 

    Interview & performance + trailer for the promotion of the Scriabin album
    In partnershipp with International Piano Magazine website
  • February 28th

    February 28th

    Film Production & performance

    London Kings Place (UK)
    Interview & performance + trailer for the promotion of the Scriabin album to be released in Sept. 2022 by AVIE Records
    Film production : Stripe media  
  • February 26th

    February 26th


    Rosenheim (Germany)
    KU'KO Kultur + Congress Zentrum 
    Liszt - Franck - Ravel - Scriabin
  • January 20th

    January 20th


    Adevarul (Romania)
    "The famous French pianist Vincent Larderet, on the poster of the 'George Enescu' Philharmonic"
  • January 20th & 21st

    January 20th & 21st


    Bucarest (Romania) 
    Romanian Athenaeum
    Georges Enescu Philharmonic 
    Franck Symphonic Variations (Franck Bicentenary 1822 - 2022)
    Conductor : Stephanos Tsialis
  • 2021
  • N.B.

    This list includes only major performances & news highlights. Due to the COVID-19, some concerts have been canceled or posponed until the next seasons. 
  • November 24th

    November 24th


    Autumn 2021
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