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  • 2017


    New PR Management

    Agence Ysée (France)
    Isabelle Gillouard (display the “contact” page)  

    => Piano au Musée Würth international Festival 2017 under the artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet
    => New Debussy ARS SACD to be released in 2018 (PR Management for France & Belgium)
  • March / April

    March / April


    Fanfare magazine (USA) - N° 40:4 March/April 2017 issue
    Peter Burwasser
    Brahms-Berg ARS SACD-CD

    "French pianist Vincent Larderet belongs to that class of artists who are both masterful technicians and intellectual. His compatriot Pierre-Laurent Aimard is also in this category, and in the previous generation we can include Maurizio Pollini, Alfred Brendel (...). He conveys a sense of a young genius still trying to find a proper vehicle for what is already a distinctive voice."
  • March / April

    March / April

    Interview & review

    PIANO News Magazin (Germany)
    4 pages of Interview & review by Carsten Dürer (page 24 => 27) 
    N° 2/2017 - March-April.   

    "Vincent Larderet und das Festival Piano au Musée Würth in Erstein"
  • March 19th

    March 19th


    Tutti-magazine (France)
    By Philippe Banel
  • March, 16th

    March, 16th


    Paris, INJA (France)
    In support of "France AVC"

    Brahms, Liszt, Berg, Ravel, De Falla
  • March, 11th

    March, 11th

    Article - Portrait

    Culturebox France Télévisions (France)
    Bertrand Renard
  • March, 5th

    March, 5th

    Piano Campus international Competition

    "Piano au Musée Würth" Special Prize
  • March



    Cadences Magazine N°302 - March 2017 (France)
    Michel Fleury

    Brahms-Berg ARS SACD-CD
  • February, 5th

    February, 5th


    La Provence (France)
    "Larderet en mode Sonate dans Brahms et Berg" by Jean-Rémi Barland
  • February, 4th

    February, 4th


    Zurich (Switzerland)

    Brahms, Liszt, Berg, Ravel, De Falla
  • February


    Award : MUSICA 5 stars

    MUSICA magazine n°283 (Italy) - February issue
    Outstanding review by Luca Segalla
    The Brahms-Berg ARS SACD-CD wins 5 stars maximum rating !

    “I am convinced that we will speak a lot of Vincent Larderet in the future. His Brahms has a huge tragic force for the depth of the sound, breath phrasing, the density of speech and a lyrical, passionate, painful intensity. (…) A great value CD on which background seems to appear even the ghost of Claudio Arrau.”
  • January / February

    January / February


    Pianiste magazine n°102 Jan/Feb 2017 (France) 
    Jérémie Bigorie

    Brahms-Berg ARS SACD-CD
  • january, 31st

    january, 31st


    Resmusica (France)
    Benedict Hévry
    Brahms-Berg ARS SACD-CD

    « Par le fini pianistique, la relation intime à l’esthétique des œuvres dans leur diversité et l’approche musicale finement analytique, Vincent Larderet signe ici un maître-disque. »
  • January, 30th

    January, 30th


    Tiroler Tageszeitung (Austria)
    "Die virtuosen Klangsprachen der Seele" by Ursula Strohal  

    "Der Franzose Vincent Larderet ist der Reifste und Etablierteste dieser Auswahl, vielfach ausgezeichnet, „Steinway Artist“ und weltweit gefeiert für seine „unglaublich lyrische Sensibilität“."
  • 2016
  • December 2016 / January 2017

    December 2016 / January 2017

    Award : Classica 4 stars

    Classica (France)
    N° 188 - Dec 2016 / Jan 2017 issue
    review by Jérémie Bigorie

    The ARS Brahms - Berg SACD-CD wins 4 stars
    "A recording that imposes itself by its height of view."
  • December, 22th

    December, 22th

    Podcast Interview

    agenda (France)
    Frédéric Hutman
  • December, 18th

    December, 18th


    Klassik Heute (Germany)
    by Peter Cossé

    The Brahms - Berg ARS SACD-CD wins 9/10 rating on all categories 
  • December,  17th

    December, 17th

    Radio review and CD broadcast

    Portraits de famille broadcasted on France Musique
    Brahms - Berg ARS SACD-CD

    Presented by Philippe Cassard
  • December, 11th

    December, 11th


    CD Classico (Italy) 
    Andrea Bedetti

    Brahms-Berg ARS SACD-CD
  • december



    Neue Musikzeitung (Germany)
    Christoph Schlüren

    Brahms-Berg ARS SACD-CD
    "Eine charaktervolle CD mit Brahms (3. Sonate, Intermezzi op. 117) und Alban Bergs Sonate hat der begabte Franzose Vincent Larderet vorgelegt – zutiefst ernsthaft und strukturell klar (Ars Produktion)."

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