• K.Kennedy 6700


  • 2017
  • October, 7th & 8th


    Madrid (Spain)
    Orchestra Simfonica Excelentia 
    Ravel Piano Concerto in G



    Pianiste Magazine (France), n°106 Sept/Oct 2017 issue
    By Stéphane Friédérich
  • September 4th to 11th

    Tour in Bulgaria & Macedonia

    - Recitals
    - Brahms Piano Concerto n°1 op.15 with Plovdiv Symphony Orchestra

  • September


    New PR Management

    Quintessenz Artists (Munchen - Germany)
    Mrs Monika Csampai

    PR Management (including the new Debussy ARS SACD) for Europe except France 
  • September



    MUSICA magazine (Italy) - n°289, September 2017 issue
    4 stars 
    2 RAVEL ARS SACD Orchestral & Virtuoso Piano + Ravel / Schmitt Concertos
    Luca Segalla
  • August, 31st

    August, 31st

    Press conference

    Paris, Maison de l'Alsace (France)

    For the 2017 Edition of the Piano au Musée Würth International Festival under the Artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet.
    Organized by the PR Agency Ysée.
    ONLY WITH INVITATION => for press display the link to receive the "save the date" invitation !
  • August, 26th

    August, 26th


    Sand & Chopin en Seyne international Festival (France)
    La Seyne-sur-Mer (83)

    Chopin, Brahms, Liszt, Debussy, Ravel
  • August, 13th to 21th

    August, 13th to 21th

    Masterclass sessions

    "Meeting  musical des Monts-Dore" (France)
  • August, 13th

    August, 13th


    "Meeting musical des Monts-Dore" (France)
    Debussy, Ravel, Chopin, Liszt
  • July, 31st


    Düsseldorf (Germany)
    Liszt, Berg, Debussy, Ravel
  • July, 28th to 30th

    July, 28th to 30th

    ARS Produktion studio (Germany)

    Debussy SACD-CD
  • July, 25th to 27th

    July, 25th to 27th

    Recording sessions

    ARS Produktion
    Immanuelskirche Wuppertal (Germany) 

    Debussy SACD-CD to be released in January 2018
  • July, 19th

    July, 19th

    New Management

    Vincent Larderet signed for a new Concert Management in Italy by APMANAGEMENT (IAMA Member) !
    This representation is effective for Italy & various territories and includes Concerto performances in May 2018 with the Sanremo Symphony Orchestra.
  • July, 6th

    July, 6th


    Ysée PR Agency
    "Vincent Larderet, l'anticonformiste"
  • July 4th

    July 4th

    New Management

    Vincent Larderet signed with Studiomusica Hungary for a representation in Hungary - Czech Republic - Romania & Poland.
  • June, 29th

    June, 29th

    Chamber Music concert

    Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall (HK)
    "Le French May" Arts Festival  

    Ravel Piano Trio with Yi-Bing Chu & Nicolas Koeckert
  • June, 28th

    June, 28th


    Hong Kong Cultural Centre Concert Hall (HK)
    "Le French May" Arts Festival 

    Debussy, Liszt, Berg, Ravel
  • May 16th to October 13rd

    May 16th to October 13rd

    Jury Member

    "Budapest International Piano Competition" (Hungary)
    Under the Jury Chairman of Tamas Vásàry
  • April, 13rd

    April, 13rd

    Recital & chamber music

    Festival Croisements (China)
  • April, 7th to 12th

    April, 7th to 12th

    Tour in China

    Organized by Beijing Hong Kong Music and Performing Management

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