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  • 2020
  • october 1st

    october 1st

    International Official Release

    Between Light & Darkness Liszt 2 CD-Set
    PIANO Classics Label (Brilliant Classics worldwide distribution)
  • September 25th

    September 25th

    International official release on platfmors 

    The new LISZT 2CD Set Between Light & Darkness available on the famous download and streaming platforms as Google Play, amazon music, deezer, Spotify, Apple Music, qobuz etc. 
    Click on the link to choose your platform for listening.
  • june



    Spring Newsletter online : click on the link to read it and subscribe
  • February 12nd & 13rd

    February 12nd & 13rd

    Video production

    London (UK)
    Steinway Hall
    Interview - Documentary for the promotion of the new Liszt 2 CD-Set
  • January to March

    New Projects 

    => Working on new repertoire
    => Post-production of the Liszt 2 CD-Set
    => Marketing plan for the release in September 2020 by PIANO Classics of the new Liszt 2 CD-Set
    => Writting a Ravel Essay
  • 2019
  • November


    New Management

    A new collaboration with the prestigious Agency "AIMARTISTS" based in Austria & Germany.
    Representation for Austria - Germany - Switzerland & Eastern Europe.
  • September 10th

    September 10th

    Photo session 

    London (UK) Steinway Hall
    Photo session including some new photos for the Liszt album to be release in 2020 by Brilliant Classics on the PIANO Classics Label.
    Photographer : Karis Kennedy
    Artistic Director & Designer : Mary Mc Neill
  • September


    New management 

    A new collaboration with Logan Arts Management in Scotland (UK) for a representation in UK-IR and various territories.
  • January 11th

    January 11th

    Press Kit

    Release of a superb Press Kit. Designed by ©2019 Mary Mc Neill.
    For professional use and for print (press, organizers, management etc.) including biography, discography, reviews highlights, videos and more !
    Download below the light version. Go to "Download" for the Print HD version.
  • January



    A new wonderful portrait of Vincent Larderet released by the famous Greek painter Demetrios Haristoteles Hatzikos.
    Painting on canvas 80 x 80 cm.
  • 2018
  • April


    Classica 5 stars Award

    Classica Magazine (France) N° 201
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD
    5 stars "Coup de cœur"

    Michel le Naour
    "A stone at the Debussyst edifice"
  • February 19th

    February 19th

    CD-Tipp Award

    HR2 Kultur Radio (Germany - Frankfurt)
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD

    Niels Keiser 
    "Ein leuchtender Klavierton"
  • January 19th

    January 19th

    New album international release

    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD
    January 19th for international release except UK (February 23rd)
  • January 17th

    January 17th

    Crescendo's "Joker" Award

    Crescendo Magazine (Belgium)
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD
  • January 7th

    January 7th

    "Recordings of the year" Award

    Neue Musikzeitung (Germany)
    Debussy Centenary ARS SACD-CD 
    Tonträger-Bilanz 2017 – der persönliche Jahresrückblick der nmz-Phonokritiker

    Christoph Schlüren
    "Unter den Pianisten würde Vincent Larderet für sein Debussy-Album die Krone gebühren (Ars Produktion)"
  • 2017
  • November, 10th to 19th

    November, 10th to 19th

    Piano au Musée Würth international Festival

    France - Erstein
    Under the Artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet

    Recitals, chamber music & Masterclasses by international renowned soloists such as Philippe Bianconi, Marc Coppey, Nicolas Dautricourt, Nelson Goerner, Vadym Kholodenko, Peter Laul, Ewa Osinska and Herbert Schuch. 
  • November 9th

    November 9th

    Award : HRAudio 5 stars

    Debussy Centenary Ars SACD
    5 stars maximum rating for performance & sound 
    Adrian Quanjer

    "Larderet's star is rising"
  • November 3rd

    November 3rd


    Ysée PR Agency (France)
    "Debussy par Vincent Larderet" including an extract of the new Debussy Centenary Ars SACD
  • September


    New PR Management

    Quintessenz Artists (Munchen - Germany)
    Mrs Monika Csampai

    PR Management (including the new Debussy ARS SACD) for Europe except France 
  • August, 31st

    August, 31st

    Press conference

    Paris, Maison de l'Alsace (France)

    For the 2017 Edition of the Piano au Musée Würth International Festival under the Artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet.
    Organized by the PR Agency Ysée.
    ONLY WITH INVITATION => for press display the link to receive the "save the date" invitation !

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