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  • 2019
  • December 7th

    Chamber music concert

    Enghien-les-Bains (France)
    Duo with Pavel Sporcl (violin)
  • November


    New Management

    A new collaboration with the prestigious Agency "AIMARTISTS" based in Austria & Germany.
    Representation for Austria - Germany - Switzerland & Eastern Europe.
  • November 28th

    November 28th

    Radio broadcast 

    MDR Kultur (Germany)
    Das ARD Nachtkonzert (III)
  • November 25th

    November 25th

    Radio broadcast 

    Radio UNAM (Mexico)
    SCHMITT : 2 Mirages op.64
  • November 2nd

    November 2nd

    A Liszt Recital

    Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
  • October 29th & 30th

    October 29th & 30th

    A Liszt Recital

    Schiedam (The Netherlands)
    Westvest church
    Recording sessions for PIANO Classics : new CD to be released in 2020
  • September 10th

    September 10th

    Photo session 

    London (UK) Steinway Hall
    Photo session including some new photos for the Liszt album to be release in 2020 by Brilliant Classics on the PIANO Classics Label.
    Photographer : Karis Kennedy
    Artistic Director & Designer : Mary Mc Neill
  • July 12th to 15th


    Düsseldorf - Köln (Germany)
    Scriabin - Liszt - Ravel
  • July 9th to 11th

    July 9th to 11th

    The Scriabin Mystery
    Wuppertal (Germany)
    Kulturzentrum Immanuel 
  • July 2de

    July 2de


    Theater Jones (USA)

    "Appropriate to the arrival, just a few hours after the close of the recital, of July—the month of the great national holidays of both the U.S. and France—Larderet encored with Debussy’s Prelude Feu d’artifice (“Fireworks”), delivered with explosive energy." 
  • June 28th

    June 28th

    Master Class

    Young Artists Master Class at the Texas Christian University (USA) broadcasted on YouTube : starts at 12 min.
  • June 26th

    June 26th

    Master Class 

    Young Artists Master Class at the Texas Christian University (USA) broadcasted on YouTube : starts at 4min30s
  • june 23rd to 30th

    june 23rd to 30th

    Recital & Masterclasses

    Fort Worth (USA)
    Piano Texas 
    International Academy & Festival
    The French Impression : celebrating the Magic of French Music

    - June 25th at 1:30 PM : Lecture on Ravel
    - June 26th at 9 PM : "Conversations with the Artists"
    - June 26th at 3:00 PM : Masterclass
    - June 27th at 9:00 AM : Masterclass
    - June 28th at 3:00 PM : Masterclass 
    - June 29th at 7:30 PM : recital for the "Distinguished Artist Series" at PepsiCo Recital Hall ( Franck - Debussy - Ravel including the AMERICAN PREMIERE of the Suite from Daphnis et Chloé)
  • April 21st to 28th

    April 21st to 28th

    Tour in China 

    Recitals & Masterclasses
    Beijing - Shanghai - Tianjin - Wuhan - Shenzhen
    Franck - Ravel - Liszt - Scriabin
  • April 13rd

    April 13rd


    Helsinski (Finland)
    Cultural Centre 
    Franck - Ravel - Liszt - Scriabin
  • Newsletter


    Spring Newsletter 

    Including all news, media & Press, concerts highlights, photos, links and more !
    Design - Marketing : Mary Mc Neill
  • March 12th

    March 12th

    Radio broadcast

    Radio UNAM (Mexico)
    Florent Schmitt : La Tragédie de Salomé op.50 bis 
  • March 9th

    March 9th


    Zurich (Switzerland)
    Franck - Ravel - Liszt - Scriabin
  • February 5th

    February 5th

    Chamber music concert 

    Le Pin Galant of Mérignac (France)
    Trio with Emmanuelle Bertrand (cello) & Pavel Sporcl (violin)
    Debussy & Ravel in mirror 
  • january 26th & 27th

    january 26th & 27th


    Nice Opera (France)
    Orchestre Philharmonique de Nice 
    Beethoven Triple Concerto
    Conductor : György G. Ráth 
    Soloists : Vincent Larderet (piano) - Francesca Dego (violin) - Giacomo Cardelli (cello)

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