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  • 2017
  • November 28th

    November 28th

    Concert review

    Classicagenda (France)
    Jany Campello
    "Piano au Musée Würth" international Festival
  • November 20th

    November 20th

    CD Review

    Pizzicato (Luxembourg)
    5 stars for the Debussy Centenary Ars SACD
    Remy Franck
  • November, 10th to 19th

    November, 10th to 19th

    Piano au Musée Würth international Festival

    France - Erstein
    Under the Artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet

    Recitals, chamber music & Masterclasses by international renowned soloists such as Philippe Bianconi, Marc Coppey, Nicolas Dautricourt, Nelson Goerner, Vadym Kholodenko, Peter Laul, Ewa Osinska and Herbert Schuch. 
  • November, 17th

    November, 17th

    Chamber music concert

    Piano au Musée Würth international festival (France - Erstein)
    Under the Artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet

    "Tribute to Ravel" with Marc Coppey & Nicolas Dautricourt
  • November 16th

    November 16th

    Concert Review

    Concertclassic (France)
    Michel Le Naour

    "Vincent Larderet au festival Piano au Musée Würth - intense et expressif"
  • November, 10th

    November, 10th

    Inaugural recital

    Piano au Musée Würth international festival (France - Erstein)
    Under the Artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet

    [World Premiere preview with dedicace session of the Debussy ARS SACD to be released in January 2018 for the Centenary of the composer]
  • November 9th

    November 9th

    Radio program & CDs broadcast

    France Musique (France)
    Carrefour de Lodéon
    "Piano au Musée Würth" international festival
  • November 9th

    November 9th

    Award : HRAudio 5 stars

    Debussy Centenary Ars SACD
    5 stars maximum rating for performance & sound 
    Adrian Quanjer

    "Larderet's star is rising"
  • November 3rd

    November 3rd


    Ysée PR Agency (France)
    "Debussy par Vincent Larderet" including an extract of the new Debussy Centenary Ars SACD
  • November


    CD Review

    Neue Musikzeitung (Germany)
    CD- Tipps 
    Debussy Centenary Ars SACD
    Juan Martin Koch
  • October, 7th & 8th


    Madrid (Spain)
    Orchestra Simfonica Excelentia 
    Ravel Piano Concerto in G



    Pianiste Magazine (France), n°106 Sept/Oct 2017 issue
    By Stéphane Friédérich
  • September 4th to 11th

    Tour in Bulgaria & Macedonia

    - Recitals
    - Brahms Piano Concerto n°1 op.15 with Plovdiv Symphony Orchestra

  • September


    New PR Management

    Quintessenz Artists (Munchen - Germany)
    Mrs Monika Csampai

    PR Management (including the new Debussy ARS SACD) for Europe except France 
  • September



    MUSICA magazine (Italy) - n°289, September 2017 issue
    4 stars 
    2 RAVEL ARS SACD Orchestral & Virtuoso Piano + Ravel / Schmitt Concertos
    Luca Segalla
  • August, 31st

    August, 31st

    Press conference

    Paris, Maison de l'Alsace (France)

    For the 2017 Edition of the Piano au Musée Würth International Festival under the Artistic Direction of Vincent Larderet.
    Organized by the PR Agency Ysée.
    ONLY WITH INVITATION => for press display the link to receive the "save the date" invitation !
  • August, 26th

    August, 26th


    Sand & Chopin en Seyne international Festival (France)
    La Seyne-sur-Mer (83)

    Chopin, Brahms, Liszt, Debussy, Ravel
  • August, 13th to 21th

    August, 13th to 21th

    Masterclass sessions

    "Meeting  musical des Monts-Dore" (France)
  • August, 13th

    August, 13th


    "Meeting musical des Monts-Dore" (France)
    Debussy, Ravel, Chopin, Liszt
  • July, 31st


    Düsseldorf (Germany)
    Liszt, Berg, Debussy, Ravel

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