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  • 2024
  • N.B.

    This list is not exhaustive and includes only major performances & news highlights.
  • TBA


    London (UK)
    Debussy - Szymanowski - Chopin - Scriabin - Ravel
  • TBA


    Japan tour

    Concerto & Recital performances
    Organized by Pro Arte Musicae
  • November 10th


    Frankfurt (Germany)
    Debussy - Ravel
  • November 8th

    November 8th


    Bremen Sendesaal (Germany)
    Ravel - Debussy 
  • November 5th to 7th

    November 5th to 7th

    Recording sessions

    RAVEL Complete Works for Solo Piano (Vol 2)
    Bremen Sendesaal (Germany)
    Martin Rust Musikproduktion 
    AVIE Records
  • September



    PIANIST Magazine N°3 / 2024 (NL)
    4 pages interview 
    Dutch & Belgian edition
    Eric Schoones
  • June 22th

    June 22th


    Paris (France)
    Launch concert for the release by AVIE Records of the RAVEL Complete Works for Solo Piano album (Volume I)
  • June 11th

    June 11th


    The Whole Note (Canada)
    RAVEL Complete Works for Solo Piano Vol.1 
    Janos Gardonyi

    "On the last page of the booklet there is a beautifully captured sketch of Ravel by none other than our pianist at age 12! So we have a talented visual artist as well as a pianist and that’s just what we need for the world of Ravel. (...) This fine collection bodes well for the future and we look forward to further volumes from this exceptional pianist."
  • June 6

    June 6

    Radio broadcast 

    France Musique (FR)
    Relax !
    RAVEL Complete Works for Solo Piano Vol.1
    Lionel Esparza
  • June 5th

    June 5th


    Musical Life Magazine (Russia)
    RAVEL Complete Works for Solo Piano Vol.1
    Alexander Kulikov

    "Not all pianists are able to answer such an 'equation with many variables', but Vincent Larderet offers his own solution: he manages to create his own, very specific style of interpretation of Ravel."
  • June



    Classica Magazine N°263 (France)
    RAVEL Complete Works for Solo Piano Vol.1 
    4 étoiles 
    Gérard Belvire

    "we find the profound honesty - the term is in no way disparaging - of the playing, its limpid articulation that illuminates the architecture of the music like a harmonic landscape, balancing dynamic scale and sound planes with great finesse. (...) the elegance of the style and the refinement of the colours are seductive."
  • Juin



    Cadences Magazine (FR)
    June 2024 issue
    RAVEL Complete Works for Solo Piano Vol.1
    Michel Fleury

    "Vincent Larderet established himself as one of the greatest current ravelian"
  • May 30th

    May 30th

    Cover artist & interview

    PIANIST Magazin (NL & DE) - N°2 / 2024 issue 
    German speaking countries edition (Germany, Austria, Switzerland & Luxembourg)
    Cover of the magazine and extensive 4 pages interview 
    Eric Schoones
  • May


    textura (Canada)
    RAVEL Complete Works for Solo Piano Vol.1

    "Intensity and understatement sit comfortably side-by-side in renderings that are suitably atmospheric. Larderet performs these pieces in humble service to the composer; at the same time, he recognizes that to truly honour Ravel he must impose himself upon the material with authority."
  • May



    Gramophone Magazine (UK)
    May 2024 issue
    RAVEL Complete Works for Solo Piano Vol.1 
    Review & studio - session photo 
    Jed Distler

    " (…) Yet one must respect the honesty, the forethought and the hard work that these recordings convey. "
  • May



    Diapason magazine (France)
    4/5 Diapasons - May 2024 issue
    RAVEL Complete Works for Solo Piano Vol.1
    Bertrand Boissard

    "Vincent Larderet's Ravel is a singular work. Is it because he refers to the scores by Vlado Perlemuter (and their annotations, reputed to be by Ravel)? (...) It's a miracle that the performer manages to convey so much detail in such conditions. (...) reminiscent of Michelangeli - whom Larderet reveres. (...) We can't wait for the next part of the series, announced as three further volumes."
  • April 18th

    April 18th

    Radio review

    France Musique (FR)
    En Pistes !
    RAVEL Complete Works for Solo Piano Vol.1
    Emilie Munera & Rodolphe Bruneau-Boulmier 
    Available in podcast starting 1h08min
  • April 16th

    April 16th

    Concert review

    Northwest Reverb (USA)
    "Ravel’s Piano Concerto for Left Hand with Vincent Larderet excels in the Vancouver Symphony concert"
    James Bash

    "A standing ovation brought Larderet back to center stage, and he responded with terrific encore, Scriabin’s Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand. The first part had a delicate, yet melancholic sentiment, and the second was more rhapsodic with a lovely melody that made me think of Rachmaninoff. It was all exquisitely played by Larderet, and that generated another standing ovation from the audience."
  • April 13rd & 14th

    April 13rd & 14th

    BREAKING NEWS : Mr. Larderet return in the US after a break since 2020 due to the pandemic. 

    Vancouver Symphony Orchestra (USA - Washington)
    Ravel's Concerto for the left hand
    Skyview Concert Hall
    Conductor : Salvador Brotons

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