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"A musical complicity, a shared poetic vision : to engage in a musical recording project such as Maurice Ravel’s Concertos was a great challenge. Indeed, based on an abundant recording ground and nourished by dazzling successes in terms of interpretation, style, piano playing, and a complicity between soloist and orchestra, one had to imagine that 'The' encounter between a soloist, an orchestra and a conductor would create such an alchemy which would lead to new perspectives while rediscovering the intense balladry of sound and the profound poetry of the Ravelian world. 
With Vincent Larderet this encounter took place, beyond words and from a dazzling high level; with his intuition, a sensitivity for truth, respect for the text, carried by a 'beyond' the notes and a musicality that seeks and discovers through sound and original phrasing, the composer's most sensitive and poetic inner universe. The orchestra dares : it marries the beautiful complicity of the artistic personalities with the sound of the piano, draws inspiration from it, reflects on it the light and solar energy specific to this refined and yet so expressive Ravelian style. The International press has praised this recording, proof of a great vision supported by a personality and talent such as Vincent Larderet’s with a widely explored field of interpretation, doing wonders and breaking the habits, the modes, and tradition by returning to the original source, to the very spirit of Maurice Ravel."
Daniel Kawka - conductor, Musical Director & Founder of the Ose Symphonic Orchestra and Ensemble Orchestral Contemporain (December, 28th 2018)

"I'm really very impressed. You have recorded the most beautiful Images that I've ever heard. All the music of Debussy is here in its fullness, by the clarity and the perfect accuracy that you get in the relationship between the sound’s polyphony and the dynamic contrasts. From memory you seem to be the only one who respects magnificently this tempo rubato that Debussy indicates at the beginning of Reflets dans l’eau and which refers to this incessant movement of both 'aquatic matter' and the game of lights. Virtuosity is never conceived as an external effect, but as the expression of a deep vital force, intended to emphasize the specific characteristics of tone. Debussy's music is really a music of 'sound material' (your octaves by their 'curves' sound beautiful!). Your Hommage to Rameau is noble and not dusty as we often hear unfortunately by other pianists. It remains true to Debussy, expressing the love for sound and colors which are inherent in his works and that it isn't scholastic homage to early music. In Mouvement, you are one of the few to maintain the tempo of an inexorable regularity, especially by avoiding to slow at the end. It therefore, has more strength and is more convincing. I've already listened to the Préludes several times. It's wonderful ! As for the Martyre, you were right to rely on the orchestral score for this achievement. This allows for a better dramatic effect of in some parts, which seem a little erased in the transcription of Caplet. It allows for increased pianistic effect."
Gérald Hugon - ex-Artistic Director of Durand/Universal Music Publishing & musicologist (November, 19th 2017) 

"Your ARS Produktion Ravel Orchestral & Virtuoso Piano CD is magnificent, a masterstroke as impressive as the Florent Schmitt record. Warm congratulations and thanks !"
Bruno Monsaingeon - violinist and moviemaker (February, 18th 2014)

"Vincent Larderet is an excellent pianist and musician. What's more, he has great stage presence. His talent deserves the attention of anybody who cares about music."
Bruno Leonardo Gelber - pianist (October, 10th 2002)

"Bravo for this amazing record! Vincent Larderet possesses an inherent and highly refined musicality, allied to equally incredible technique."
Salvador Brotons - conductor and composer (December, 12th 2001)

"With his exceptional gift, Vincent Larderet can tackle every style of music. His technique, musicality and mastery of the piano, allied to a fine artistic sensibility, profoundly touch the listener. His youthful ardor enables him to express a whole gamut of feelings and colors. Applying his intelligence to the construction of the work contributes to this richness… Vincent Larderet has the making of a great concert pianist."
Carlos Cebro - pianist (October, 10th 1999)

"The young French pianist Vincent Larderet is a brilliant, sensitive artist with a fine technique. His maturity and artistry are quite surprising. In him, the great romantic repertoire has found the ideal performer. His natural style, exceptional gifts and willingness to learn are the augury a great career."
Ewa Osinska - pianist (July, 1st 1997)

"Once more, he incites our admiration, not so much for his virtuoso technique, impressive as it is, but for the feeling in his playing and the intensity of his musicality, qualities which are the sign of an accomplished musician and authentic artist."
Alban Ramaut - musicologist, university professor (July, 3rd 1997)