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  • PIANIST Magazin - Cover & interview

    PIANIST Magazin - Cover & interview

    May 2024
    PIANIST Magazin - German speaking edition (DE - AT - SW - LU)
    Vincent Larderet on the cover
    N°2 / 2024 issue
    Extensive 4 pages interview
    Eric Schoones
  • Pianist Magazine - Interview

    Pianist Magazine - Interview

    April 2024
    "After I won the Brest International Piano Competition under the honorary chairman of Vlado Perlemuter, I was privileged to study his annotated scores which he made during his collaboration with Ravel in 1927. They have been an infinitely precious resource for me, revealing all sorts of secrets of interpretation: his markings are very detailed and pertain to musical expression as well as to aspects such as tempi, pedalling, phrasing and tonal colors. They highlight the sophistication of the Ravelian style and the aesthetic purity demanded by the composer in which any form of affectation was taboo. They are deserving of being considered authentic Urtexts, and the copious errors perpetrated in published editions have also been corrected."

    Magazine (UK)
    N°137 - April/ May 2024 issue
    Erica Worth


    September 2022
    International Piano Magazine (UK)
    Vincent Larderet on the cover 
    October 2022 issue 
    Exclusive 4 pages interview
    Michael Church
  • International PIANO - INTERVIEW

    International PIANO - INTERVIEW

    May 2021
    International Piano Magazine (UK)
    Extensive "One to watch" 2 pages ITW
    Michael Johnson

    Twilight tone
    “It is essential to go beyond the notes on the page, he says, and to ‘master the stylistic shadings of the period’ “
  • Panet Hugill - Interview

    Panet Hugill - Interview

    January 2021
    Planet Hugill (UK - London) - referenced in the 'Top 50 Classical Music Blogs'
    Extensive edifying Interview
    Robert Hugill 

    "The performer is a mirror who should serve the text and the composer: French pianist Vincent Larderet discusses his approach in the light of his recent Liszt recital Between Light & Darkness"
  • RTS Espace 2 - Interview

    RTS Espace 2 - Interview

    January 2021
    Radio RTS Espace 2 (Switzerland)
    About the LISZT 2CD Set Between Light & Darkness
    Interview by Julian Sykes available for Replay starting 1h19min
  • Pianiste - interview

    Pianiste - interview

    September 2017
    PIANISTE Magazine (France) - n°106 Sept/Oct 2017
    Stéphane Friédérich
  • PIANO News - review & interview

    PIANO News - review & interview

    March 2017
    "Vincent Larderet und das Festival Piano au Musée Würth in Erstein"

    PIANO News magazine (Germany) N° 2 / 2017 - Mar/Apr
    4 pages of review with interview
    Carsten Dürer
  • Tutti magazine - Interview

    Tutti magazine - Interview

    January 2017
    Tutti-magazine (France)
    Philippe Banel
  • Classic agenda - podcast interview

    Classic agenda - podcast interview

    December 2016
    Classicagenda (France)
    "Portée de voix"
    Frédéric Hutman
  • CHOPIN Magazine & ONGAKU NO TOMO - interviews

    CHOPIN Magazine & ONGAKU NO TOMO - interviews

    December 2016
    CHOPIN Magazine (N° 395) & ONGAKU NO TOMO (N°12) in Japan
    About the Japan tour and world premiere for the new Brahms - Berg ARS SACD-CD release

    December 2016 issue
  • Pianiste - Interview

    Pianiste - Interview

    September 2016
    Double interview in Pianiste magazine (France)
    => Artistic Director of the "Piano au Musée Würth" international Festival (page 15)
    => About the ARS Ravel / Schmitt Concertos SACD-CD (page 68)

    Sept / Oct 2016 issue n°100
    Stéphane Friédérich
  • Resmusica - Interview

    Resmusica - Interview

    May 2016
    Resmusica (France) - Interview  "Aller + loin”
    Florence Trocmé
  • Pizzicato - Interview

    Pizzicato - Interview

    March 2014
    Pizzicato (Luxemburg)
    Rémy Franck
  • Piano News - interview

    Piano News - interview

    January 2014
    Exclusive video interview for Piano News (Germany)
    Carsten Dürer
  • Qobuz - Interview Podcast

    Qobuz - Interview Podcast

    July 2011
    Qobuz (France)
    Marc Zisman
  • Naxos - Interview

    Naxos - Interview

    August 2009
    Naxos Record (Hong Kong)
  • Piano Magazine - Interview

    Piano Magazine - Interview

    May 2004
    Piano Magazine (France)
    May-June 2004 issue