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  • FONO FORUM "Empfehlungen des Monats"

    FONO FORUM "Empfehlungen des Monats"

    July 2024
    “Pianistically, Larderet leaves nothing to be desired anyway (the sound is also brilliant and absolutely transparent) and his performances are characterised by crystal-clear chords and sober, plausible horizontal structuring. Larderet’s unpretentiously unobtrusive approach is particularly well suited to the roughened ambiguity of the Valses nobles et sentimentales, and the Miroirs finally become a real adventure for the listener here. A captivating start to an impressive endeavour”

    Fono Forum Magazine "Empfehlungen des Monats" - Recommendation of the month - Award (Germany)
    5 stars Music & 5 stars Sound
    July 2024 issue 
    Christoph Schlüren 
  • Gramophone


    May 2024
    "Here is the first of four planned discs devoted to Ravel’s piano works that promises to be painstakingly comprehensive (…) Pianist Vincent Larderet states that he has prepared his recordings from the personal scores annotated by Vlado Perlemuter during his collaboration with the composer. (...) he maintains dynamic levels across the music’s three staves in perfect perpective (…) It somehow recalls the square-toed style and concentrated integrity that the older Wilhelm Kempff brought to his Brahms recordings. (...) one must respect the honesty, the forethought and the hard work that these recordings convey."

    Gramophone Magazine (UK) - May 2024 issue
    Review featuring a studio - session photo
    Jed Distler
  • Northwest Reverb

    Northwest Reverb

    April 2024
    "If you close your eyes and listen to the sounds emanating from the keyboard during Ravel’s Piano Concerto for Left Hand, you’d swear that there must be ten digits roaming over the keyboard. But in the hands of a virtuosic pianist like Vincent Larderet, listeners become mesmerized by the full array of sound that five fingers can make. (...) A standing ovation brought Larderet back to center stage, and he responded with terrific encore, Scriabin’s Prelude and Nocturne for the Left Hand. The first part had a delicate, yet melancholic sentiment, and the second was more rhapsodic with a lovely melody that made me think of Rachmaninoff. It was all exquisitely played by Larderet, and that generated another standing ovation from the audience."

    Northwest Reverb (USA)
    "Ravel’s Piano Concerto for Left Hand with Vincent Larderet excels in the Vancouver Symphony concert"
    James Bash
  • ConcertoNet


    March 2024
    "How to characterize Vincent Larderet’s artistic endeavors? Answer: 'Unabashed patience'. Each of the passages is self-contained, neatly packaged, tightly encapsulated with genuine authenticity...the richness is deep and viscous. (...) What’s realized here is M. Larderet’s worthy souvenance and spirited emotion...the human breath stops for a moment to digest. (...) M. Larderet helps to re‑illuminate those hidden feelings deep inside Ravel’s mind." (USA)
    Christie Grimstad
  • Cadences Magazine

    Cadences Magazine

    January 2023
    "The greatest current scriabinian, Vincent Larderet distinguished himself by an olympian vision of the Master"

    Cadences Magazine (France) - Jan./Feb. 2023 issue
    Michel Fleury


    December 2022
    "Expansive and full-bodied readings [...] alluring phrasings and ravishing high-register tracery [...] Larderet gives his fervent all in the Second Sonata [...] excellent production values also deserve mention and praise"

    Gramophone Magazine (UK) - Issue 12 / 2022
    Jed Distler 
  • Neue Musikzeitung

    Neue Musikzeitung

    April 2021
    "Larderet makes every chord shine in all its complexity, compellingly builds up the small sound dramas, gives the large pieces that aura of sublime violence that does not let go of the listener until the end; and thus captivates for 87 minutes with the only interruption of the CD change. And incidentally, adding to all the poetry, he turns out to be one of the best pianists of our time.”

    Neue Musikzeitung (Germany) - April 2021 issue 
    Christoph Schlüren
  • Fanfare Magazine

    Fanfare Magazine

    March 2021
    “Once more, Larderet projects forceful tritones, tolling bells, so as to invoke a grim procession subtle in its invocation of Tristan’s “longing” motif (Liszt's La lugubre gondola). […] This broad but through-composed piece (Ballade N°2) allows Larderet to display bravura technique and a real panoply of keyboard color, chromatic, in cascades of broken octaves or plummeting and rising scales. […] Larderet injects the requisite girth, tautness, and sensitivity into this tribute to the heroic spirit with an ardor and technical panache we like from Horowitz and Cziffra, admirable company, indeed.”

    Fanfare Magazine (USA) N° 44:4 - Mar/Apr 2021 issue
    Gary Lemco  
  • Télérama 3 f

    Télérama 3 f

    January 2021
    "Perfectly at ease in this contrasted universe, Vincent Larderet, depending on the pieces, demonstrates the endurance of a marathon runner or the precision of a miniaturist. Devoid of effects (but not of brilliance), never brutal, his approach is elegant, rigorous, concerned with balance and nuance."

    Télérama fff Award N°3707 (France)
    Sophie Bourdais
  • International Piano

    International Piano

    January 2021
    “Larderet impressed with his previous release […], but this recital takes things to the next level. His melding of the intellectual with the visceral is rare.”

    International Piano magazine (UK) - January / February 2021 issue
    Colin Clarke 
  • Klassik Heute "Empfehlung"

    Klassik Heute "Empfehlung"

    December 2020
    "He not only has absolute control over his instrument and all parameters of piano playing, but also a mental, or rather poetic-philosophical, penetration of the works and their content that I have never encountered in this form with Liszt. [...] First and foremost, however, it is with a tremendous emotional urgency that electrifies me about Larderet's well-thought-out Liszt interpretation. Between virtuosity and spirituality, between asceticism and pathos, an inner tremor that is tense and just controllable pervades his game; and that's why his Liszt recording is deeply personal for me, so incomparable and simply recommendable.”

    Klassik Heute "Empfehlung" (Germany) - December 30th, 2020
    Christof Jetzschke
  • Musical Life

    Musical Life

    November 2020
    “[…] Vincent Larderet is considered to be one of the most eminent pianists of our time. The very concept of the program from the works of Franz Liszt convinces us that Larderet […] is a deep thinker and philosopher.” 

    “Larderet, quite justifiably, once again throws off the artificial shackles of the 'anti-impressionist' and gives free rein to his strongest sides - the ability to 'paint music', playing with timbres, contrasts of dynamic nuances, the deep and full-blooded sound of the instrument.[…]
    This is not a piano, not an organ, or even an orchestra, but a chorus of human voices. It seems that such a 'special effect' could only be achieved with a very personal experience. And again, one has to wonder where a young man like Larderet has a life experience that allows him to penetrate into such abysses?"

    Musical Life Magazine (Russia) N°11 - Nov. 2020 issue
    Maria Zalesskaya 
  • MusicWeb International

    MusicWeb International

    October 2020
    "Larderet unleashes some powerful passion and drama [...] In each of the works, Larderet achieves some wonderful sonorities and effects. [...] This is a programme that has been carefully and intelligently constructed and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed its contrasting elements. It’s been beautifully recorded and offers the listener much to enjoy." [LISZT Between Light & Darkness 2 CD Set]

    MusicWeb International (UK)
    Stephen Greenbank
  • Theater Jones

    Theater Jones

    July 2019
    Ravishing Ravel : Pianist Vincent Larderet closed this year's French-themed PianoTexas Festival at Texas Christian University. 
    "Appropriate to the arrival, just a few hours after the close of the recital, of July—the month of the great national holidays of both the U.S. and France—Larderet encored with Debussy’s Prelude Feu d’artifice (“Fireworks”), delivered with explosive energy."

    Theater Jones (USA)
    Wayne Lee Gay
  • Clavier Companion Magazine

    Clavier Companion Magazine

    July 2018
    "Larderet delivers a personal and well-crafted performance of Images Book I, choosing unusual voicings which produce admirable clarity from start to finish. Further in his performances of the second Book of Préludes, he shares unique interpretative ideas, sculpting every texture and layer as if painting a picture and telling a story with his sound. [...] Where this disc truly shines, however, is in Larderet arrangement of the Caplet transcription of Debussy Symphonic Fragments of Le Martyre de saint Sébastien. [...] On this disc, one hears two masters at work : Debussy for harmony and style, and Larderet for flair and appeal."

    Clavier Companion Magazine (USA) - July / August 2018 issue
    Laura Melton
  • Fanfare Magazine

    Fanfare Magazine

    May 2018
    "This is a stunningly played recital of two of Debussy’s most familiar cycles and a world premiere of pianist Vincent Larderet’s expansion of André Caplet’s piano reduction of Debussy’s incidental music to Grabriele D’Annunzio’s Le Martyre de saint Sébastien. Reviews in these pages of Larderet’s previous work have been unanimously positive. Peter Burwasser recently (40:4) grouped him with Pollini, Brendel, and Badura-Skoda as 'masterful technicians and intellectual[s].' John Bell Young wrote (39:3) that Larderet 'has blossomed into a great pianist indeed.' And Colin Clarke (35:5) described his playing as 'gripping and multitimbred.' I will add that it is full of vivid colors, subtle rubato, and an equal affinity for the contemplative and the virtuosic aspects of Debussy’s writing."

    Fanfare Magazine (USA) N°41:5 - May / June 2018 issue
    Myron Silberstein
  • The Record Geijutsu

    The Record Geijutsu

    May 2018
    "It can be said that it is a wonderful performance combining playfulness and polished poetry."

    The Record Geijutsu (Japan) - May 2018 issue
  • Fono Forum

    Fono Forum

    April 2018
    "Vincent Larderet, with his interpretation of the second Book of [Debussy's] Préludes in comparison with the youngest of the named 'old Master' [Krystian Zimerman], is almost on equal footing. The juxtaposition of individual voices and chords, the highly differentiated dynamics and the parallel play of colors require the interpreter to achieve a maximum in the areas of agogics and pedaling. Larderet possesses great subtlety in this regard. [...] The symphonic fragments from Le Martyre de saint Sébastien are a real enrichment on Larderet's SACD."

    Fono Forum (Germany) N° 04 - 2018 / April 2018 issue 
    Gregor Willmes
  • Classica 5 stars "Coup de cœur"

    Classica 5 stars "Coup de cœur"

    April 2018
    "The musicality of Larderet, his art of transitions and the quest for the mystery behind appearances are perfectly suited to the First Series of Images and the Book II of Preludes which the soloist brings an orchestral dimension (Feux d’artifice). [...] A stone in the debussyst edifice. "

    Classica Magazine (France) N° 201 - April 2018 issue
    Michel Le Naour
  • Pizzicato 5

    Pizzicato 5

    November 2017
    "Vincent Larderet’s extremely clear and finely nuanced playing combined with one almost symphonic sound sensibility reduced for the piano, serves Debussy’s music very well. On the CD there is also a premiere recording : a suite from Le Martyre de saint-Sébastien transcribed for piano by André Caplet."

    Pizzicato 5 (Luxembourg)
    Remy Franck

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