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  • Piano Magazine - Interview

    Piano Magazine - Interview

    May 2004
    Piano Magazine (France)
    May-June 2004 issue
  • Classica 5 / 5

    Classica 5 / 5

    July 2002
    "The Toccata by Prokofiev is perhaps given the most outstanding performance in the entire catalogue, more controlled than Horowitz’s , of a more relentless motoric motion, and therefore more hallucinatory, than Argerich’s, and with complete mastery of the piano’s tone."  

    Classica n°44 (France)
    Jean-Jacques Groleau
  • Kieler Nachrichten

    Kieler Nachrichten

    April 2002
    "Vincent Larderet played Robert Schumann’s Symphonic Studies with astonishing passion and power; allied to great technical skill (…) He placed his virtuosity at the service of the music."

    Kieler Nachrichten (Germany)
  • Le Figaro

    Le Figaro

    June 2001
    “Vincent Larderet’s recent performances coincide with the release of his second recording, which follows on from a first CD featuring a memorable Fantasia Bætica. The young pianist excels in the repertoire of the 20th century (…) He gave a simmering, captivating rendition of Scriabin’s Sonata-Fantasia (…) He brought the same composed skill to Ravel’s Valses nobles et sentimentales, sonorously redolent, rhythmically exultant, in a register of total commitment (…) The boldness of this approach gave infinite texture to Prokofiev’s Toccata opus 11."

    Le Figaro (France)
    Gérard Corneloup
  • Catalunya musica

    Catalunya musica

    June 2001
    "Pianista de gran sensibilitat expressiva."

    Catalunya musica (Spain)
  • Le télégramme de Brest

    Le télégramme de Brest

    June 1997
    "Vincent Larderet displayed superb maturity and impressive technique. His concert was a model of cohesion between a difficult score and an interpreter, for that is the only word that applies, capable of drawing majesty and emotion from the notes."

    Le Télégramme de Brest (France)

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