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  • Fanfare


    June 2012
    “This is definitely one of Naxos’ better releases.”

    Fanfare (USA)
    Colin Clarke
  • MusicWeb International

    MusicWeb International

    September 2011
    "It's convincing in this solo piano version which Vincent Larderet delivers masterfully. Larderet is also effective in bringing his insights into each of the pieces. He then seamlessly leads the listener from one section to another. At times the music sounds as its origins were with the piano. This is testimony of Larderet's craft. The music suggests a live performance, an aspect of the recording that is laudable in itself. Solid reading and persuasive interpretations." 

    MusicWeb International (UK)
    James L. Zychowicz
  • Resmusica "Clef"

    Resmusica "Clef"

    August 2011
    "To transcend the difficulty of these scores (The Tragedy of Salomé is quite an amazing feat), it needs all the pianistic skill and height of view of Vincent Larderet. His technical mastery allows him to sound his instrument with the force of an orchestra, sometimes seductive, sometimes dark and dramatic; all with a wide range of colors exactly Orientalizing. So we keep a reference record."

    Resmusica "Clef" Award (France)

    Pierre -Jean Tribot
  • American record Guide

    American record Guide

    July 2011
    "Vincent Larderet has special gifts for evenness and light tremolos. Another strength is his ability to project different sounds: his soft bass passages are rumbling and ominous, and his full-force chordal attacks are overwhelming and brilliant (never even shrill, just powerful).” 

    American record Guide (USA)
  • Ritmo ****

    Ritmo ****

    June 2011
    "Necesita, eso sí, una buena dosis de concentración por parte del oyente, y es de suponer que también de la del intérprete, en este caso el joven Vincent Larderet, quien se desenvuelve sin problemas desde el punto de vista técnico—rico su sonido, admirable la claridad—y sabe ofrecer la atmósfera cargada que estas partituras necesitan respirando de modo pausado y sin caer en el hedonismo más o menos decorativo; no hay intención alguna de hacer esta música “fácil”, sino de ofrecerla con toda su carga intelectual y su desconcertante ambigüedad expresiva. A destacar que se incluye la primera grabación mundial de la versión pianística del ballet La Tragédie de Salomé, una transcripción realizada por el propio autor con tanta excelencia que en ningún momento se echa en falta la masa orquestal."

    Ritmo 4/4 stars Award (Spain)
    Fernando López Vargas-Machuca
  • Pianiste “MAESTRO”

    Pianiste “MAESTRO”

    May 2011
    "An event that turns into a revelation: the piano version of La Tragédie de Salomé is simply, as an equal to Gaspard de la nuit, the absolute masterpiece of French piano literature."  

    Pianiste “MAESTRO” Award n°68 (France)
  • Classica “CHOC”

    Classica “CHOC”

    April 2011
    "He makes the piano compare to an orchestra, and let us wonders whether he hasn't got some third hand available. (...) It's understandable that he holds us spellbound from the first to the very last measure, expressing all the expected sensuality, mystery and demonic frenzy. (...) As long as Florent Schmitt is not acknowledged, the vision of the 20th century French music will remain skewed. Vincent Larderet helps initiate this rehabilitation very promisingly."  

    Classica “CHOC” Award n°131 (France)
    Michel Fleury
  • Toronto Star

    Toronto Star

    March 2011
    "All this music makes incredible technical demands on the pianist, which Larderet overcomes with panache. His playing is remarkable for its ease as well as style."

    Toronto Star (Canada)
  • Qatar Broadcasting Service

    Qatar Broadcasting Service

    June 2010
    "Powerful and emotional !" 

    Qatar Broadcasting Service (QBS)

  • La Tribune - Le Progrès

    La Tribune - Le Progrès

    May 2007
    "A serious and focused artist, Vincent Larderet scrupulously respected the nuances in Beethoven's Sonata n°26 op.81a "Les Adieux" and "Hammerklavier" Sonata n°29 op. 106. This music truly reveals the profound feelings of a composer fighting against himself, since he was deaf from then on. An experienced musicologist, Mr. Larderet knows that it is also through this information that one's playing is oriented and that one finds the correct tone, that which touches the heart and from which expression is born. "

    La Tribune - Le Progrès (France)

  • The classical shop

    The classical shop

    December 2006
    “Just listen to the spirited technique in Prokofiev's Toccata showing how Larderet has mastered the complexities of Prokofiev's writing. At the same time one can hear in the Scriabin works Larderet's amazing sensitivity with the lyrical line."

    The classical shop (UK)
  • Nice matin

    Nice matin

    June 2006
    "One of the stars of Antibes Génération Virtuoses, Vincent Larderet captivated the audience in Prokofiev's 3rd concerto with his clear, intense and confident playing."

    Nice matin (France)
  • Le Monde de la Musique

    Le Monde de la Musique

    September 2004
    "Vincent Larderet displays a sense of liberty, poetry and mystery in his rendition of Ravel’s Valses nobles et sentimentales, performed from the score Vlado Perlemuter worked from with notes in the composer’s own hand (…) Scriabin’s pages are interpreted with impeccable tact, balance in the planes of sound and luminosity."

    Le Monde de la Musique n° 290 (France)
    Michel Le Naour
  • Anaclase


    August 2004
    "Vincent Larderet comes back with an intriguing and mysterious program that commands respect by its difficulty and subtlety. It can be generated from this pianistic telescoping a desire to emphasize the symphonic dimension of the instrument in some works. The solid interpretation of the pianist is perfect for this project that requires it ! A solar and passionate playing which solicits our imagination to each stave and knows how to transfigure the piano in large orchestra."

    Anaclase (France)
    François-Xavier Ajavon
  • Piano Magazine

    Piano Magazine

    May 2004
    "The audience is still buzzing at the audacity and talent of the artist they have just seen. Vincent Larderet’s program truly eschewed half measures: Brahms’ Third Sonata, Scriabin’s Prelude & Nocturne for the Left Hand, Rachmaninoff’s Second Sonata. Without affectation or histrionics, he imposes a colorful, powerful and supremely controlled style. His Scriabin shows admirable mastery of the independence of the lines. The composer’s writing surely invites this, but there remains the challenge of transforming this technical requirement into sonic poetry. For Larderet aims for expression and touches the heart of music. In Rachmaninoff’s Sonata (…) from the angry entrance to the final apotheosis, the piano is a noble, expressive thoroughbred."

    Piano Magazine n°40 (France)
    Nicolas Southon
  • Classica 5 / 5

    Classica 5 / 5

    July 2002
    "The Toccata by Prokofiev is perhaps given the most outstanding performance in the entire catalogue, more controlled than Horowitz’s , of a more relentless motoric motion, and therefore more hallucinatory, than Argerich’s, and with complete mastery of the piano’s tone."  

    Classica n°44 (France)
    Jean-Jacques Groleau
  • Kieler Nachrichten

    Kieler Nachrichten

    April 2002
    "Vincent Larderet played Robert Schumann’s Symphonic Studies with astonishing passion and power; allied to great technical skill (…) He placed his virtuosity at the service of the music."

    Kieler Nachrichten (Germany)
  • Le Figaro

    Le Figaro

    June 2001
    “Vincent Larderet’s recent performances coincide with the release of his second recording, which follows on from a first CD featuring a memorable Fantasia Bætica. The young pianist excels in the repertoire of the 20th century (…) He gave a simmering, captivating rendition of Scriabin’s Sonata-Fantasia (…) He brought the same composed skill to Ravel’s Valses nobles et sentimentales, sonorously redolent, rhythmically exultant, in a register of total commitment (…) The boldness of this approach gave infinite texture to Prokofiev’s Toccata opus 11."

    Le Figaro (France)
    Gérard Corneloup
  • Catalunya musica

    Catalunya musica

    June 2001
    "Pianista de gran sensibilitat expressiva."

    Catalunya musica (Spain)
  • Le télégramme de Brest

    Le télégramme de Brest

    June 1997
    "Vincent Larderet displayed superb maturity and impressive technique. His concert was a model of cohesion between a difficult score and an interpreter, for that is the only word that applies, capable of drawing majesty and emotion from the notes."

    Le Télégramme de Brest (France)

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