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  • Pianiste - interview

    Pianiste - interview

    September 2017
    PIANISTE Magazine (France) - n°106 Sept/Oct 2017
    Stéphane Friédérich
  • PIANO News - review & interview

    PIANO News - review & interview

    March 2017
    "Vincent Larderet und das Festival Piano au Musée Würth in Erstein"

    PIANO News magazine (Germany) N° 2 / 2017 - Mar/Apr
    4 pages of review with interview
    Carsten Dürer
  • Fanfare Magazine

    Fanfare Magazine

    March 2017
    "French pianist Vincent Larderet belongs to that class of artists who are both masterful technicians and intellectual. His compatriot Pierre-Laurent Aimard is also in this category, and in the previous generation we can include Maurizio Pollini, Alfred Brendel (...). He conveys a sense of a young genius still trying to find a proper vehicle for what is already a distinctive voice."

    Fanfare Magazine (USA) N° 40:4 - Mar/Apr 2017 issue
    Peter Burwasser
  • Musica 5 stars

    Musica 5 stars

    February 2017
    “I am convinced that we will speak a lot of Vincent Larderet in the future. His Brahms has a huge tragic force for the depth of sound, breath phrasing, the density of speech and a lyrical, passionate, painful intensity. (…) A great value CD on which the ghost of Claudio Arrau seems to appear in the background.”

    MUSICA 5 stars Award (Italy) n°283 - February 2017 issue
    Luca Segalla
  • Tutti magazine - Interview

    Tutti magazine - Interview

    January 2017
    Tutti-magazine (France)
    Philippe Banel
  • Classic agenda - podcast interview

    Classic agenda - podcast interview

    December 2016
    Classicagenda (France)
    "Portée de voix"
    Frédéric Hutman
  • CHOPIN Magazine & ONGAKU NO TOMO - interviews

    CHOPIN Magazine & ONGAKU NO TOMO - interviews

    December 2016
    CHOPIN Magazine (N° 395) & ONGAKU NO TOMO (N°12) in Japan
    About the Japan tour and world premiere for the new Brahms - Berg ARS SACD-CD release

    December 2016 issue
  • Classica 4 stars

    Classica 4 stars

    December 2016
    "A recording that imposes itself by its height of view."

    Classica (France) N°188 - Dec 2016 / Jan 2017 issue
    Jérémie Bigorie
  • Rondo Magazin

    Rondo Magazin

    November 2016
    "Vincent Larderet hat sich nun beider Werke für eine CD angenommen, und sein eigener Beihefttext zeigt, dass er sich eine Menge Gedanken um die Hintergründe dieses Programms gemacht hat. Die intensive geistige Durchdringung der Materie wird in seinem Spiel durchaus auch hörbar. Larderet vermag zudem eine Menge Plastizität in die Satzstruktur zu bringen: Wer tiefer in die Stücke einsteigen will, dem liefert Larderet einen Höreindruck von so bemerkenswerter Klarheit, dass er einen analytischen Zugang zur Materie passagenweise fast ohne Notentext in der Hand ermöglicht."

    RONDO Magazin (Germany) 
    Michael Wersin
  • MusicWeb International

    MusicWeb International

    October 2016
    “Larderet plays with commanding virtuosity, purposeful direction and shows a real empathy for this music. [ Brahms Sonata n°3 op.5 ]” 
    “It’s a performance [ Berg's Sonata op.1 ] that sets the bar high, and stands side by side with two of my favourites by Mitsuko Uchida and Glenn Gould.”

    MusicWeb International (UK)
    Stephen Greenbank
  • Pianiste - Interview

    Pianiste - Interview

    September 2016
    Double interview in Pianiste magazine (France)
    => Artistic Director of the "Piano au Musée Würth" international Festival (page 15)
    => About the ARS Ravel / Schmitt Concertos SACD-CD (page 68)

    Sept / Oct 2016 issue n°100
    Stéphane Friédérich
  • Resmusica - Interview

    Resmusica - Interview

    May 2016
    Resmusica (France) - Interview  "Aller + loin”
    Florence Trocmé
  • Scherzo


    February 2016
    "Larderet te acaricia directamente, suave y seductor, en complicidad con Kawka y el conjunto. Ah, sus trinos despidiéndose del movimiento central son todo un poema."

    Scherzo n°315 (Spain)
    Santiago Martín Bermúdez
  • Fanfare "Best recordings of the year"

    Fanfare "Best recordings of the year"

    January 2016
    "Not only has this recording earned a place on my short list of the best recordings of the year, but it sets a new standard by which all other performances will likely be measured in future."

    Fanfare Magazine (USA) N°39:3 issue (Jan/Feb 2016) - Best recordings of the year
    John Bell Young
  • Klassik Heute “Empfehlung”

    Klassik Heute “Empfehlung”

    December 2015
    "I call it fascinating because it’s the only relevant performance for me which can exist without restriction alongside the reference recordings of Michelangeli (Concerto in G) in 1957 and Zimerman (both concertos) in 1994."

    Klassik Heute "Empfehlung" (Germany)
    Christof Jetzschke
  • Resmusica "Clef"

    Resmusica "Clef"

    December 2015
    "Result : version easly outclassing its predecessors, despite the undeniable qualities of many of them."

    Resmusica "Clef" Award (France)
    Michel Tibbaut
  • PIANO News

    PIANO News

    November 2015
    “A remarkable playing. Accompanied by the Ose Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of its founder Daniel Kawka, Larderet is grandiose in every situation and feels every sound's color with equal consistency as the rhythmic power of these works. A brilliant recording !” 

    PIANO News (Germany), highest ratings 6/6 for interpretation & sound, Nov / Dec 2015 
    Carsten Dürer
  • Gramophone


    November 2015
    “There is a lot to admire about the ARS [Larderet-Kawka] versions. The main selling point is the premiere recording of the piano-and-orchestra version of J’entends dans le lointain… (1929) by Florent Schmitt (1870-1958). It is, to concur with the booklet, a ‘gloomy score [which] brings to mind the horrors of mass graves, the annihilation and great agony of these years’. After it, Ravel’s Left Hand Concerto comes as light relief.”

    Gramophone (UK)
    Jeremy Nicholas
  • Diapason 5

    Diapason 5

    November 2015
    “The Piano Concerto for the Left Hand sounds powerfully with majesty. Vincent Larderet distills phrasings of splendid purity. The sobriety of this sensitivity is accompanied by a full and spacious sound. The Concerto in G favors the same intensity. And nothing will disturb the serenity of the Adagio assai, one of the most vibrant of all the discography.”

    Diapason 5 Award n°640 (France) : comparative review with the Wang / Bringuier DG release
    Bertrand Boissard
  • Pizzicato "SUPERSONIC"

    Pizzicato "SUPERSONIC"

    October 2015
    “Flabbergasting performances by both pianist Vincent Larderet and conductor Daniel Kawka. The OSE Orchestra supports the soloist with a sound of almost miraculous richness.”

    Pizzicato’s "SUPERSONIC" Award (Luxemburg)
    Remy Franck

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